​Are you considering payroll services for your business in Airdrie?

Maybe you’re a small-business owner deciding to outsource your payroll services in Airdrie for the first time… or maybe you’re dissatisfied with your present service and want to see what else is available…. Either way, choosing payroll services in Airdrie and Northwest Calgary is not something you do off-the-cuff!

Here are five important tips to help you choose a payroll service in Airdrie:

1. Ask around! Find out what payroll services other small-business owners use in Airdrie. After you’ve gathered the names of a few services that sound promising, contact them for references—preferably clients with businesses similar to yours. Also check with the BBB and your local Chamber of Commerce. Check the internet for reviews, the quality of their website and how long they’ve been in business.

2. Cost. One of the most important considerations for a small-business owner is how much accountant and payroll services in Airdrie will cost. Ask the potential service providers on your short-list for a complete and detailed list of their charges. You don’t want to get clobbered with hidden fees! Their pricing structure should be completely transparent. You might be able to keep costs down by doing some of the work yourself, at least to start.

3. Service. As a small-business owner you know not to treat your customers or employees like a number. You should expect the same courtesy from your business accountant or payroll service provider in Airdrie! If you need to discuss a mistake they made or a specific aspect of your account, you want to talk to someone who knows and understands your situation.

4. A-to-Z convenience. Transitioning from in-house payroll services to a professional service should be seamless. Using it once it’s running should be easy. Your employees should have easy access to the information they need. Modifying your service options should be a snap. Get the picture? A professional payroll service should make your life easier, not stress you out!

5. Services available. One thing for sure is that your needs will change over time. You want to make sure your payroll service provider in Airdrie offers a complete line of services to accommodate your changing needs. This may include administering retirement plans, employee benefits or medical insurance, tracking vacation and sick-days, automating tax payments, etc.

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